Outside of my most used apps – Spotify, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Snapchat – lies another tier of apps: the ones that glue my life together.

These apps legitimately make the difference in my life. They help me be a better, smarter, more organized me. (I’m pretty sure Quinn and I agreed on choosing three, but I couldn’t choose between the five listed here).


Depending on where I am in my life, my sleep habits are the first to flourish or suffer. In times of ease and joy, I sleep like a baby; in times of suffering and stress, I become an insomniac – waking up constantly, getting out of bed at ungodly hours.

Pzizz helps me get better quality sleep during those rough patches.

The app plays a “dreamscape” based on whether you’re napping or sleeping. At launch, you choose the type of sleep you want to get. I use Pzizz for both with great results. The dreamscape is a mix of ambient noise and guided mediation, almost, toward sleep.

It’s calming if you let it; if you let your mind slow down, if you just focus on the noise and distract yourself, if you take the deep breaths –

sleep comes eventually.

I was going through a bit of a rough patch for a lot of last year; Pzizz helped me maintain some semblance of health and sanity.


Everyone raves about Evernote; I won’t waste too much space doing the same.

It’s a great note-taking / document-data holding app. I love that I can just park shit there – I have a notebook for thoughts I have, another for a journal, one for articles – I have a notebook for practically everything.

I park things that give me inspiration, that evoke emotions, that reflect a point in time, so whenever I go through my notebooks, I regroup with a fresh perspective.


Another one that is highly regarded. I’ve used Pocket for nearly as long as it’s been around. I’m an avid article reader because I like knowing a little bit about a shit-ton of random things. Pocket allows for articles and webpages to be “pocketed” for later through a simple click of a button, to be revisited on either mobile or desktop, and even without data!

Pocket facilitates my practice of saving shit for later, of wanting to know more and read more.

Outside of my lifestyle apps, I use Pocket the most. When I’m waiting for class to start, when I’m killing time, when I’m procrastinating, when I’m hungry for more information.

The new recommended feature Pocket has integrated has absolutely made my life.

It keeps me reading, it keeps me engaged.

Week Plan

I finally made the switch from paper to cloud-based planning. Week Plan has been the only app that I’ve legitimately liked because it most closely mimics the experience of a paper planner.

I love that I can see my entire week and all the shit I (should) do.

There are three tiers to desktop view of the app:

  1. I can see my upcoming deadlines for the entire week per day and give them varying priority levels. I can give tasks color categories based on what section of my life they fall into – myself, school, extracurriculars, family.
  2. I can keep external tasks outside of my planner activities; aka shit that just needs to get done at some point. I have them sorted by the section of my life they fall into, too.
  3. I can make lists that I can just park, always in-sight but also not pressing. Right now, I have these lists: Books To Read, Filipino Books. (LOL ya i love to read what can i say)

Focus Keeper

I read about the Pomodoro Technique pretty recently. It’s simple: you work for 25 minutes straight – no interruptions whatsoever – and then you rest for five. Repeat a couple times and then take a longer break. Aim for a certain number of cycles per day to maximize your total overall productivity.

This app simply facilitates the technique and keeps me on track. It makes the difference, though.