If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, eliminate them from your life.

The worst friends are the ones that bring the bad out of you. If you find yourself talking a lot of shit about someone, just stop. Don’t let a bad friendship turn you into a bad person. Let it go. Yes, it might be a little weird. Maybe you spend a lot of time together. But in the long run, it’s for the best.

Take care of yourself so that other people don’t have to.

There’s nothing wrong with living for other people. But make sure that you’re okay. It’s not just for you — it’s for them.

Try new things.

There’s nothing like doing something for the very first time. Chase that feeling. That “I don’t know if I like this”/”What if this goes terribly wrong”/”Oh my god everyone else knows what’s going on” feeling. Being uncomfortable is natural. And you’d be surprised at how many friends you make when you try new things. Learning brings us all together… even if it’s because most of us hate it.