Every once in a while, when we see something impressive, or entertaining, or funny, we call it “amazing.” A dog that can walk on two feet is amazing. Nature is amazing. Fossils are amazing. But something that we tend to forget to appreciate is ourselves. And I don’t mean that in the self-esteem sense. The human race, as a whole, is subjectively amazing. For better or for worse, we’ve crafted the world that we live in. 

Technology is an easy place to start. Imagine being a person from 1900 and time-traveling to 2017: a world where people can look up the weather and hear news about places thousands of miles away, where fruit is genetically modified, and where we have tools like tape, and velcro. But even before technology, there were so many fascinating things that humanity has achieved.

Humanity’s greatest feat, in my eyes, is the invention of language, or more generally, the ability to communicate information. Someone from 200 years ago could write a symphony, and people today play it. They read it off of a piece of paper. Think about that. They read music. Read. Music.

So next time you feel like the world sucks… just remember: every word you speak, every door you walk through, and every game you play… we built it.